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website designer in Whitby, North Yorkshire.



My collection of website and graphics work that I am most proud of.

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  • "Richard has been time well-spent. He really knows his stuff and has made it easy for me to showcase my business exactly how I wanted to. He created the perfect logo for me and then he brought my business to life by creating the perfect website for my ideal clients."

    Nicole Fenwick, Coley Translates.

  • "Rich is absolutely fantastic! Was able to take my ideas on board and make them into a fantastic set of branding for my social media. Very fast work, flexible and at an affordable price, I would recommend you work with him!"

    Verity Thomson, Translator.

About Me

I have been in web design since 2012. Coupled with running my own businesses since 2008, I have great experience in marketing a business to be a success.

Richard Glover

Founder / Owner

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I respond to quiries quickly.

Quality work

You only pay me when you are happy with the final product. I only take work that I am confident in producing good quality.

Forseable costs

I like to be clear with my prices. I will not suprise you with any hidden charges. Before any work is started, we agree on the cost and I stick to it.

I work fast

I don't have work in a queue. I like to only have a manageable workload so I can offer a quick turnaround.


A website is always changing, the same as business. I am flexible in everything I do to accomodate change.

I go the extra mile

There are many elements that I do not charge for. With most jobs I do more than what I am charging for.

The process

I am absolutely passionate about simple yet sophisticated user experience and designs that my clients and I, are very proud of.


Whether I am designing your logo or your business website, I start with getting to know you. A face to face meeting is prefered but talking via phone and email is fine.

Our working relationship needs to be one with clear communication at the forefront. Together we will deliver a positive message about your business to your customers.

The Process:

  1. Information gathering
  2. Idea forming
  3. I deliver some ideas to you for your feedback
  4. We work towards a design that you are happy with
  5. The final product is finalised
  6. I take Payment of the complete work

I aim to make the design process an enjoyable light hearted one. I don't do serious.


I am sorry but at the moment I am not designing and building eCommerce websites.

I aim to write about the process of developing an eCommerce website to explain fully what is involved from my side and what is expected from your side if you are wanting to sell products from your own website.

In short, there is a lot of work on your side and it is more beneficial for you to have someone working on the website "In House" that can manage the whole process of adding products, editing information and managing the payment processes.

Say Hi!

Get in touch with me via my contact form or email me directly. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


from Whitby to The World

5 Linden Lane
North Yorkshire
(+44) 7367 356640