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About Rich G.

– The Short Version.

I am a husband to Jennie-Marie and a father to 3 boys. We live in a beautiful village on the outskirts of Whitby, North Yorkshire. Our outlook is Mulgrave Estate woods and the North Sea.

I am a kind, gentle giant with a thirst for laughter!


The Long Version.

Where it all began

I started website designing in 2010 out of a desperate need to grow our business my wife and I had then. We started Childminding in May 2009 and started off very slowly. 

We needed to find custom fast as we were struggling to pay our bills.  We posted flyers through peoples doors and paid for small ads in some written publications but we didn’t get much interest. 

At the time we used Vista Print for printing work and they started to offer D.I.Y websites – Build your own. I looked into it. They charged £10 per month for a website. I remember we took a short while to think about it and decided to have a go. 

I designed our first website using their very basic website editor. I could change text, images and some colours but that was about it.

I think we forgot about the fact we had a website for a while until we started to get emails and phone calls for business.

We went from really quiet, bored and broke to struggling to find space for the children we were childminding and looking to employing staff. 

Career Change

I have always been artistic and after leaving school, I went to college to firstly learn graphic design and the architecture. Certain personal circumstance lead me to leave college and I ended up working at the local Morrisons supermarket full-time. 

This obviously wasn’t what I intended but I was happy enough and I had good times. 

The need to create a website for our business was great for me. It rekindled a desire to create. 

I decided to learn more about web design and started to learn website coding languages.

I started with HTML and CSS. The aim was to just create for our business website until I thought “I could do this for a living”. I mean, Childminding was great but it wasn’t totally what I wanted to do. 

So after various discussions, my wife and I decided that both of us would pursue different careers. 

I learned a lot about web design from home study but in 2014 I started a Foundation Degree at Wakefield College, University Campus.

I did almost 1 year of this degree when I started to suffer with stress. I was working as a Childminder in our business still for 4 days per week and attending college for 2 – 3 days per week. I was burning myself out. 

As Childminding was our source of income, Childminding won and I left the course. 

I continued to learn from home and I did start creating websites for people on a small scale.

In 2016, for reasons I won’t go into here, we moved to Scarborough, North Yorkshire. This meant closing our childminding business and having a fresh start. 

Since 2016 I have had a few jobs working Full-time while working part-time as a Freelance Website Designer. 

Where Am I Now?

In 2019 we moved to Newholm in Whitby, North Yorkshire. 

I work full-time for Mitie as a Grounds Maintenance Technician and Part-Time Freelance Web Designer.